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Organic Search (SEO)

Whether it’s on Google, Bing or Amazon, creating high-quality content that helps you rank organically has never been more important. With search engines like Google decreasing the number of organic links displayed per page for search results from 10 links to 8.5, on average, it’s crucial your business has an effective organic content marketing strategy online. At Rainforest, we help you secure and maintain influence across your most impactful channels while ensuring your most valuable content is optimized for search and mobile friendly.

Paid Search

Adding to how crucial it is that you improve your organic search online, it is paramount that your organic marketing strategy is met with a complimentary paid search strategy in order to drive traffic to your most compelling content and most current offer. Competition from paid search ads is on the rise, especially on mobile devices where around 40% of consumers are reported to use solely their mobile devices to search on an average day.

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