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More and more companies and brands are moving to Amazon as a gateway to new customers who have credit cards on file and are prepared to make a purchase decision. Some of these brands only list 1 or 2 products on Amazon while others list as many as several hundred SKU’s (unique products) on the online “e-tailer”. It’s getting more crowded day by day and Amazon shows no signs of slowing down.

In order to cut through the sheer volume and mass on Amazon it’s incredibly important that you understand how consumers will find your product on the behemoth. Having your products meet the Amazon SEO (search engine optimization) requirements is the bedrock for creating a successful product page that customers are able to find when using specific keywords to search Amazon.

basketball shoes search on amazon nike addidas
Notice in this image, searching for Basketball shoes produces a few products (and Brands – Addidas, Nike) that have the top ranking by appearing as popular searches using the keywords “basketball shoes”.

Why It Matters

Consumers have to have a way of discovering your products in order to make a purchase. On Amazon, Search is the essential tool customers use to find most products on Amazon. By entering the keywords of what the individual is looking for, Amazon matches that against the information (title, description, etc.) provided by you, also known as the vendor, for your product listing. Variables such as price, selection, availability, sales history and degree of text match assist in deciding where products appear in each customers search results. This shows how critical it is that the information provided is complete and relevant to your product in order to increase your product’s visibility and overall sales.

A9 Algorithm

The algorithm Amazon used to help customers searching products is called “A9”. With a sea of factors (thousands) affecting and influencing how products are assigned their ranking, it is safe to safe A9 is a complex algorithm that requires your products include titles, descriptions and images that are strategically written and structured. Our team is up-to-date on every detail of how this algorithm is changing to ensure your products retain the top spots.

To win on Amazon, it’s all about stacking the odds for each product SKU (ASIN) you place into the Amazon ecosystem, helping you secure the ever coveted first page or results. This includes having clear keyword product titles, details on your products page that are information-rich, and fulfilment backends that have a high order capacity.

Phillips wake up light search on amazon
Image of a Phillips Wake-up Light including the product number specific to this Phillips product as well as the colour and Radio feature. Notice they have also optimized not just the Product Name (Title) but also with bullet points below the price.

Optimize What?

Here are a few of the items on Amazon that you want to make sure your products have optimized for listings when others are searching and browsing:

  • The Product Name (Title)
  • Bullet Points
  • Product Details
  • Product Description
  • From the manufacturer

It is crucial that you understand how to also use Hidden Keywords to abide by Amazon’s guides and policies as they will remove your page/listings if product descriptions are too long, abusing Amazon’s product page recommendations.

Phillips wake up light product description on amazon

Amazon Growth

As Amazon’s leading Canadian agency partner, our team at Rainforest knows how to help you win on Amazon’s marketing platform better than anyone else.

We are centred around helping brands develop; front-page visibility, incredible trust, and buying power, from the well targeted (and purchase ready) customers. We assist with unique optimization, insights and targeted consumer data – all of which is supported by our direct relationship with Amazon – so that your brand can grow exponentially bigger, faster.

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