Paid Search Strategy for Amazon (AMS) in Canada

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Competing in Paid Search Advertising

Search has never been more saturated with competitors vying for consumer attention online than it is today. With companies competing for real estate on Google and Facebook we can forget to pay appropriate attention to emerging platforms, such as Amazon, until we find ourselves once again chasing an advantage our competitors have gained over our business.

The questions that we ought to begin asking ourselves as marketers are: Where should I be investing my online attention and resources? When it comes to search marketing, how can I get ahead of the curve? How do I reach my most qualified customers? How do I test with minimal risk?

Be Found on Amazon

Today, more than 55% of product searches now start on Amazon (BloomReach 2017), twice that of Google.

While Google has dominated the world of search since the inception of search itself, a new search giant is emerging, and early adopters, like Tide , are proving you can win big on Amazon when you stop following and begin leading.



Amazon is where consumers are increasingly turning today. Consumers are using the behemoth for their discovery, exploration and decision with purchase intent . This is, in large part, because of how powerful and simplistic Amazon’s platform makes it for customers to compare prices, seek social validation and browse product alternatives – all while harnessing the benefit of faster shipping and more competitive prices than are available anywhere else on the internet.

Publicly, we’re seeing a strong emerging trend that features an upswing of leading brands investing marketing dollars on Amazon. Take Nike  for example, who are gaining an edge on their competitors with Amazon’s highly engaged, credit-card-in-hand, savvy audience of consumers (notice the first two results are Sponsored Products).


While Amazon’s Marketing Services (also known as Sponsored Products, Amazon’s cost-per-click search advertising program) is still flying somewhat under the radar, the search platform is quickly evolving. For this exact reason, brands early to adopt an Amazon marketing strategy will be the most likely to secure a top spot in search ranking, winning early social trust from Amazon’s savviest buyers. If you’re able to secure the top 3 listings you will live where the top 64% of all clicks are accounted for. An astonishing 70% of shoppers never even look past page one.

Amazon, much like Google, uses a search bar that is keyword driven, leading to an algorithm-based search results page. Ads can be seen through-out each page of the buyers journey, with the most significant buyer intent taking place on the first page of search results.

Paid Search on Amazon

Vendors and sellers have the option to take advantage of several paid advertising services available on Amazon. These are great ways to further enhance product visibility and traffic, allowing advertisers to bid on sponsored placements throughout Amazon. Having a strong paid search strategy has produced great results for companies like Huggies. They leverage strong A+ content on their landing pages to ensure a strong presence for searches like “diapers” on Amazon. The below display ad pushed to this large A+ content page featuring Huggies easy open sides training pants. (If the campaign is still running, you can click the pictures to view the live ads)

huggies-pampers-diapers-amazon-ams-organic-paid-search-strategy-advertising-programmatic-display-ads-adhuggies-pampers-diapers-a plus content-sponsored-amazon-ams-organic-paid-search-strategy-advertising-programmatic-display-ads-adhuggies-pampers-diapers--sponsored-amazon-ams-organic-paid-search-strategy-advertising-programmatic-display-ads-ad

When it comes to paid search on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), advertisers have three options to choose from when engaging with potential customers: Headline search ads, Sponsored products, and Product display ads. Each unique way of promoting and highlighting your product offers a distinct opportunity to engage customers in different stages of their buying journey.

As of October 2017, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) search advertising is now available here in Canada for Canadian advertisers.

We help you sell more on Amazon

As the leading Canadian Amazon agency partner, our team at Rainforest knows how to help you win on Amazon’s marketing platform better than anyone else.

We are centered around helping brands develop front-page visibility, incredible trust, and buying power from Amazon’s loyal (and purchase ready) customers. We assist with unique optimization, insights and targeted consumer data – all of which is supported by our direct relationship with Amazon – so that your brand can grow exponentially bigger, faster.

The time to reach new, purchase ready customers is here and we’re excited to explore how we can help you leverage Amazon’s unique targeting to drive traffic to your website, custom landing page or Amazon product page.



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